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The change to the cmp-mv-shipselect module in PR6 was made to correct a bug where orders were being allowed to proceed through checkout in some cases regardless of the "Require Shipping" setting for a store. In previous versions of the software, only the fact that one or more shipping modules were configured was being checked. The new version verifies that at least one of the modules returns a valid shipping method.

When the shippingmethods item is assigned to a page where it is possible for shipping information not to be present, or for the basket to be empty, most shipping modules return no shipping methods, causing the error to be displayed.

This also brings up an important point: Stores that have shippingmethods assigned to non checkout pages, like their SFNT page, and are using dynamic shipping calculators, such as our USPS or FedEx module, are actually making calls to those remote servers on every display of that page, whether the shipping information is being displayed or not. This can negatively affect the performance of your store.

We tested the following configurations:
WCW Toolkit, with and without CBS Shipping SuperMod
WCW Mini-Bask, with and without CBS Shipping SuperMod
ADVANZ CalcShipping5, with and without CBS Shipping SuperMod

The WCW modules, for those NOT using CBS Shipping SuperMod, will function perfectly without the shippingmethods item assigned to any page besides OSEL. This is the recommended configuration when possible.
The ADVANZ module, with or without the CBS Shipping SuperMod, and the WCW modules WITH CBS Shipping SuperMod, require the shippingmethods item to function properly. In this case, I offer these solutions:

1. Disable "Require Shipping" in your store settings. If using CBS Shipping SuperMod, this has no affect on the checkout process as the CBS Shipping SuperMod ignores this setting anyway.

2. If using CBS Shipping SuperMod, assign the Flat Rate Shipping module and create a "throwaway" shipping method. Set this method as inactive in the CBS Shipping SuperMod. This will "trick" cmp-mv-shipselect into thinking there is a shipping method, but the method will not be displayed to users.

3. Use the new module (cmp-mv-minibaskship) attached to this post in place of cmp-mv-shipselect for providing shipping methods.
cmp-mv-minibaskship emulates the shippingmethods item, but is more intelligent in determining when the shipping modules should be called, reducing the performance hit described above, and preserving the functionality of the "Require Shipping" setting for those not using the CBS Shipping SuperMod.

Installation instructions:
1. Download the attached .ZIP file. It contains, which is the source code and probably only interesting to developers, and cmp-mv-minibaskship.mvc, which is the actual module.

2. Install cmp-mv-minibaskship.mvc in your Domain.

3. Create an item, "minibaskship" that references the new module.

4. On any page other than OSEL where "shippingmethods" is assigned, assign "minibaskship" and remove "shippingmethods".
PR6 is not required to use cmp-mv-minibaskship. It may be installed prior to upgrading, and even users without PR6 may find value in the efficiency improvements.


** cmp-mv-minibaskship.mvc updated on 11/30/11

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