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Release notes Miva Empresa - Virtual Machine V5.03
Posted by Wayne Smith on 01 November 2010 12:16 PM
Release Notes

Product: Miva Empresa
Version: 5.03

New Features and Functions

Miva Empresa version 5.03 implements these new features:

o The MIVA-SQL interface now supports the "ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN column-name" syntax.

o On Win32 platforms, the commerce libraries that are maintained by Miva Small Business
are included in the installation kits, and are deployed in the COMMERCELIBRARIES
subdirectory of the installation location.

o New function: file_create

file_create( path, location, data )

path - path to the file to create
location - 'data' or 'script', defaulting to 'data'
data - data to write to the given file.

Returns: Number of bytes written to the file (length of 'data') on success,
or -1 on error.

When the specified file already exists, an error is returned.

o New function: file_append

file_append( path, location, data )

path - path to the file to create
location - 'data' or 'script', defaulting to 'data'
data - data to write to the given file.

Returns: Number of bytes written to the file (length of 'data'
on success) or -1 on error.

When the file exists, the data is appended to the file.

When the file doesn't exist, an error is returned.

o New function: tar_create( file, file_loc, dir, dir_loc, flags )

New built-in function:
tar_create( file, file_loc, dir, dir_loc, flags )

file - target output file
file_loc - 'data' or 'script', defaulting to data
dir - Directory to create a tarball of
dir_loc - 'data' or 'script', defaulting to data
flags - comma-separated list of qualifiers, consisting of:

'compress' - The resultant file will be compressed in bzip2 format.

Returns: 1 on success, 0 on failure.

Note that user and group IDs are stored as zero (0).

o Configurable default error settings.

This feature will allow the system administrator to set the default error settings
previously set by the tag.

In addition, the new setting "Expression" will allow expression errors such as
null array indices to be ignored. This does not warrant that the application will
execute as expected, just that the error is not displayed.

1. ENV configuration syntax example:

2. 3x configuration syntax example:
Expression = "none">

3. ISAPI and Miva Mia configuration

In the Default Web Site Properties dialog box, on the Miva VM tab,
the Error Settings... button will display a secondary dialog box,
Error Settings, where default error settings can be added or deleted.

The name of the error setting is the name of the tag (e.g., "MvMAKEINDEX")
or "Expression" for setting expression error settings. The value is
"fatal", "display", "fatal,display", or none. All other values are ignored.

o New API function

void mvConfig_Set_DefaultErrorSetting( mvConfig config, const char *tagname, int tagname_length, int setting_value)

Setting value is zero or one of the following values ORred together:

An error generated by the named tag will display to the browser.

An error generated by the named tag will abort program execution.

Bug Fixes

The Miva Empresa version 5.03 fixes these problems:

o MIVA-SQL "create table" statement now checks for pre-existance of a datafile (i.e., .dbf file) before creating a new one.

o MIVA-SQL "drop table" now returns errors on internal file deletion, and does not delete metadata if the data file is not deleted.

o MIVA-SQL now properly handles non-string index-based exact search.

o The LinkPoint commerce library now truncates product attributes at 128 characters, to prevent the error "SGS-005000: The server encountered a database error". The full text of the product attribute is maintained within Miva Merchant, and is unaffected by this change.

o MIVA-SQL now properly deletes index information on record deletion, preventing errors from re-insertion of values when using unique indices.

o Empresa on UNIX platforms now caches the results of whether a given path contains a symbolic link. This will improve initialization of Miva Script programs running on NFS-mounted file systems.

o The template compiler now correctly escapes the contents of mvt:item "parameter" attributes.

o The CERTFILE attribute to the MvCALL now works correctly.


We recommend that MIVA-SQL databases be packed after upgrading to Miva Empresa v5.03.

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