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Miva Virtual Machine: Miva Configuration File mivavm.conf
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Miva Empresa Virtual Machine - Private Install Mode: Installing a single instance of the Miva Virtual Machine for a single site to use on a server will require you to generate a Miva configuration file 'mivavm.conf'.

Determine the location of the apache configuration file (httpd.conf) for this site

NOTE: Your server UNIX/Linux flavor may differ from the paths and or commands below so adjust the instructions accordingly if needed.
First update the locate database then locate the httpd.conf and then view it. We will be using vi to view this text file. You do NOT need to reboot Apache when editing/creating the Miva configuration file mivavm.conf. The intended audience for this step is Server Administrators, Hosts, someone with remote server access.

$ locate -u

$ locate httpd.conf

$ vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Search for the <VirtualHost> tags for the site in question and ensure the ScriptAlias

Determine the location of the private cgi-bin for this site

<VirtualHost> and </VirtualHost> are used to enclose a group of directives that will apply only to a particular virtual host. If your <VirtualHost> tags are formatted a little differently no worries just ensure a ScriptAlias directive for the cgi-bin is found and is true.

DocumentRoot /var/www/site1/html
ErrorLog logs/
TransferLog logs/ ScriptAlias /cgi-bin /var/www/site1/cgi-bin

Now that we know the location of the private cgi-bin of this site we can create the Miva configuration file using vi.

NOTE: This is the same location you will find the Miva binary file 'mivavm' and the Miva configuration library ''

$ cd /var/www/site1/cgi-bin

$ ls mivavm mivavm-v5.20

$ vi mivavm.conf

If you find that there is already a mivavm.conf file you can edit it or rename it and keep it as a backup. I usually just rename it and use it as a reference to specific configurations that might be missing in the default template below.

# BEGIN FILE: mivavm.conf

cadir=/var/www/site1/cgi-bin/mivavm-v5.20/certs/openssl-0.9* New in v5.12 of Miva Merchant Empresa

*If your UNIX distribution uses OpenSSL v0.9.x, you must change the value of cadir to end in "openssl-0.9"
*If your UNIX distribution uses OpenSSL v1.0.x, you must change the value of cadir to end in "openssl-1.0"

<SYSTEM-LIB CODE="GD" LIBRARY="/path/to/"> <COMMERCE-LIB METHOD = "LinkPoint" LIBRARY = "/var/www/site1/cgi-bin/mivavm-v5.20/lib/commerce/"> <DATABASE-LIB METHOD="mivasql" LIBRARY ="/var/www/site1/cgi-bin/mivavm-v5.20/lib/databases/"> <DATABASE-LIB METHOD="mysql" LIBRARY ="/var/www/site1/cgi-bin/mivavm-v5.20/lib/databases/">

Test your Miva configuration: Miva Diagnostic Application

The Miva Merchant Diagnostic Application diag6.mvc program is a very useful tool to determine the current configuration and troubleshooting problems with the current configuration. The Miva Merchant Diagnostic Application is distributed with the engine (mivavm-v5.20\tools\diagtool.mvc).

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