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Miva + Bolt: A Premium Checkout Experience
Posted by Wayne Smith on 22 August 2019 10:12 AM

Miva and Bolt have teamed up to offer Miva merchants additional checkout and fraud prevention options. Make sure nothing gets in the way when shoppers decide to buy with a fast and frictionless premium checkout process.

  • Optimized Checkout Experience
  • Risk-Free Order Approval
  • 100% Coverage of Fraudulent
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Colossus: v1.0.1 Released
Posted by Wayne Smith on 24 July 2019 11:10 AM
Version: 1.0.1 - Released on 7/24/2019

Release Notes

This maintenance release addresses all issues contained in the v1.0.1 milestone.

 Issue #1 
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Add Personalized Recommendations to your Miva Store
Posted by Wayne Smith on 06 June 2019 01:28 PM
4-Tell Personalization by 4-Tell

4-Tell’s modern digital commerce platform drives collaboration, merchandising efficiency, customer loyalty and profitability.

We believe the future of digital commerce will be
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Credit Card Security Code ( CVV2 ) explained
Posted by Jim McCormick on 21 July 2009 10:11 AM

Credit Card Security Code ( CVV2 ) explained

What is the CVV2?

The CVV2, Credit Card Security Code is the number found on the back of most cards. It's usually a three digit code, and it's purpose is to ensure that the person using the card for a purchase actually has that card IN THEIR HAND.

Why ask for the CVV2?

There are LOTS of ways that criminals can get their hands on lists of stolen credit card numbers. Getting hold of matching CVV2
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