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MivaCon 2019: New sessions added!
Posted by Wayne Smith on 21 February 2019 02:13 PM
MivaCon 2019 is now less than one month away! We hope to see you at some of our exciting sessions this year.
Speaking of...we just announced two new additions to our session schedule:
Driving Revenue & Growth Through Merchandising

The Calculated Conversation: Creating a Successful Content
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MivaCon 2019: Check out these new sessions!
Posted by Wayne Smith on 04 February 2019 08:09 AM
We’re pleased to announce three newsessions for MivaCon 2019:
  • The Modern SEO Mindset
  • International eCommerce Simplified
  • New Tech Partner Showcase
  • Building a Competitive Fulfillment Structure in the Age of Amazon

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New at - Bolt Checkout by Bolt
Posted by Wayne Smith on 01 February 2019 11:55 AM

Bolt provides an Amazon-like checkout experience that drives a 10 – 50% lift in revenue. Low-converting checkouts lead to lost revenue and unhappy customers.

Bolt is the ultimate checkout solution for Miva Merchant customers who want to boost their sales and provide the security & speed customers expect when buying online.

  • Lift checkout conversion – Bolt’s hyper-optimized checkout improves revenue by
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Miva Merchant 9.12.02 has been released
Posted by Wayne Smith on 28 January 2019 11:45 AM
Miva Merchant 9.12.02 Release Notes New Feature

The list of orders displayed on order processing now defaults to showing only orders placed in the last 90 days. Changes to this selection will be stored in user preferences and override the default.

Bugs Fixed

26405: Administrative Interface: Order Processing should default to orders within the last 90 days and remember the user's last selection for its persistent filters
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Shadows Readytheme v1.0.4 Has been Released
Posted by Wayne Smith on 11 January 2019 11:06 AM

The latest version of Shadows has been released. It can be downloaded from the app store.


It has 25 bug fixes and feature improvements including:

  • Google Tag Manager Support (Data Layer) -
  • New Breakpoint at
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Miva Merchant 9.12.01 has been released
Posted by Wayne Smith on 03 January 2019 11:21 AM
New Feature
  • Analytics are now gathered from use of the administrative interface. This data is used to determine areas of the Miva Merchant administrative interface that users may interact with most frequently, and to allow for future releases to streamline workflow for specific types of users.
Bugs Fixed

26480: Module: discount_addon: Add to basket discount, adds product to basket even when qualifying subtotal is not met.
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Miva Blog - How To Convert Your Entire Miva Store to HTTPS
Posted by Wayne Smith on 05 May 2016 10:18 AM

HTTPS has always been a core part of any ecommerce website. If you’re accepting personal information online, including credit cards, you must have an SSL Certificate to encrypt the data. Typically, a website was only served over securely (HTTPS) on Account and Checkout Pages. General shopping and browsing was done over unencrypted HTTP. Over the past couple of years, that is starting to change. Google now prefers the entire site to be served over HTTPS to protect the visitor.
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ReadyTheme Developer Videos
Posted by Wayne Smith on 27 October 2014 09:30 AM

For anyone looking to build ReadyThemes (or you just want to learn more about how the new ReadyThemes works) We just released 5 new developer videos which walk through the Base Developer Framework as well as a overview of the main ReadyTheme features and functionality

We'll be continuing to add new ReadyTheme videos however, if you have any
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Credit Card Security Code ( CVV2 ) explained
Posted by Jim McCormick on 21 July 2009 10:11 AM

Credit Card Security Code ( CVV2 ) explained

What is the CVV2?

The CVV2, Credit Card Security Code is the number found on the back of most cards. It's usually a three digit code, and it's purpose is to ensure that the person using the card for a purchase actually has that card IN THEIR HAND.

Why ask for the CVV2?

There are LOTS of ways that criminals can get their hands on lists of stolen credit card numbers. Getting hold of matching CVV2
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