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Power-up your Miva checkout with PayPal
Posted by Wayne Smith on 28 July 2015 12:40 PM

Add PayPal to your Miva checkout


Now that you're set up with a Miva account, let us help you optimize your checkout for more potential customers and sales.

Offer PayPal as a payment option - a simple button on your checkout - and an entire world of shoppers can open up for you. We're talking 162+ million active accounts looking for PayPal when shopping online.

PayPal customers are 2X more likely to complete their purchase versus those who choose other payment methods. Why? Because PayPal gives them a simple, quick, and safer checkout experience - making shoppers happier.

Adding PayPal to your Miva account is simple.

First, you'll need to sign up for a PayPal account - if you don't already have one for your business.

1. Sign up - or Login (if you have an existing PayPal account) here

2. Get your PayPal API credentials

3. Log in to your Miva account and add your API credentials to the Payment module section.

With PayPal Express Checkout, there are no long-term commitments or setup fees.

There are no setup charges, monthly fees, downgrade penalties, or cancellation fees. You only pay for the transactions you process-just 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction or less.



Need help with your set-up? Call Miva at 800-608-6482

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Save The Date: September 22nd

For over 15 years, MivaCon® has been bringing together a diverse group of Ecommerce storeowners, web designers / developers, and Ecommerce industry experts to talk Ecommerce under one roof.

At MivaCon Austin, we'll be discussing key Ecommerce topics including:

  • Using Social Commerce To Drive Web Sales
  • Leveraging YouTube To Engage And Convert More Shoppers
  • Sales Flow Automation Techniques To Lift Conversion & Build Loyalty
  • Merchandising Strategies That Boost Revenue Best Practices For On-Page SEO In 2015

We'll also be addressing the rapidly changing Ecommerce landscape and how to adapt and evolve in today's increasingly competitive online ecosystem.

MivaCon's mission is to provide web storeowners and developers the information and tools they need to thrive - join us to find out what's working now in 2015 Ecommerce.



Early Bird Special: $79 Until August 1st


Click here to learn more

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End of Life Software and Non Compliance Fee Change Updates
Posted by Wayne Smith on 06 May 2015 02:54 PM

As Miva has evolved, we’ve built a unique, hybrid Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that allows our customers to retain the control and independence of distributed software, while having the easy upgrades we’ve all come to expect from SaaS platforms. It’s time we refine and formalize our policies on when software is officially EOL (End of Life), and update our Non-Compliance Fee (NCF) policies accordingly.

Most Software-as-a-Service platforms don’t give you a choice when it comes to upgrades – you simply login one day and your platform has been upgraded for you, whether you like it or not, and whether it negatively impacts your business or not.

Miva has chosen a different path. While providing the type of seamless upgrades and updates people have come to expect from Software-as-a-Service, we don’t force you to upgrade before you’re ready. The downside to this path is that, often times, people will choose to run out-of-date software; and in this day and age, it’s simply not a wise, safe or prudent choice to run out-of-date software. 

We specifically created and use the Non-Compliance Fee program as an economic incentive program to encourage people to update their stores regularly.

For example, in my opinion, it is simply not safe to run any version of Miva Merchant prior to 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 7 (which was released on October 16, 2012, over two and a half years ago), yet we still have many customers who choose to run Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Update 6 or older (including people still running 2.x stores, which was released way back in 1999).

Going forward, Miva Merchant software will be considered EOL (End of Life) when either of these 2 circumstances are met:

1. Software has been officially Non-Compliant due to normal software releases, from the perspective of PCI software updates, for more than 12 Months. In other words, 15 months after the release of a new update, software will officially become EOL.


2. Software that is Non-Compliant due to a security release, from the perspective of PCI software updates, for more than 3 months. In other words, if we mark an update as a security-focused update, per the terms of PCI compliance, older software will be considered EOL 4 months after the security update is released.

What impact does Miva marking a product as End of Life have on you, the merchant?

First and foremost, it means we will not, under any circumstances, release a patch, update or upgrade for that version. The most common use cases would be either an API change by a provider (say for example USPS changes its rating API, we will not be releasing an updated USPS module to work on any EOL version of Miva Merchant).

Second, when there are system-level security changes (such as POODLE in 2014), we will not be releasing a patch or engine upgrade to keep EOL software fully operational on modern Operating Systems.

Non-Compliance Fee program changes:

Currently, we have a varied Non-Compliance Fee program that means you pay a different fee depending on if you’re hosted by a third party or directly with us; and, if you’re hosted with us, your fee varies based on the plan you have.

Going forward, we’re standardizing our Non-Compliance Fee program to a flat rate program. Your NCF will be $50 per month, if you’re running Non-Compliant but non-EOL’d software; or, it will be $100 per month, if you’re running Non-Compliant and EOL’d software.



Click here for the original blog post.

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New Miva Training, Documentation and Resources for Developers
Posted by Wayne Smith on 12 November 2014 10:36 AM

New Miva Training, Documentation and Resources for Developers

For the past 6 months we have been heads down working really hard on building high quality training resources for developers. Today, we are very proud to publish our brand new Developer Training Series. It is by far the best developer training we have ever produced for Miva Merchant. Along with a free developer store and a new set of Sublime Text Snippets , there are also 50+ videos that will take someone completely new to the Miva Merchant Platform and give them the background and foundation to build upon and become a Miva Merchant Expert.

In addition to new training for web developers, we also released a new series on writing modules for Miva Merchant and working with the Module API. If you have ever wanted to write a plugin for Miva Merchant, this course will explain the concepts behind the Miva API, show you how to install and use the compiler, setup a developer environment and get you headed in the right direction. It also includes helpful links, code samples and downloadable pdfs. 

Check out the blog post for more information!

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ReadyTheme Developer Videos
Posted by Wayne Smith on 27 October 2014 09:30 AM

For anyone looking to build ReadyThemes (or you just want to learn more about how the new ReadyThemes works) We just released 5 new developer videos which walk through the Base Developer Framework as well as a overview of the main ReadyTheme features and functionality

We'll be continuing to add new ReadyTheme videos however, if you have any areas you would like to see more video content (or written documentation) on let me know and I can add it to our queue.

Some other helpful links:

ReadyTheme Documentation -

Base ReadyTheme Framework -

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