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Miva Merchant 9.0003 is Available Now!
Posted by Wayne Smith on 13 April 2015 03:52 PM
With the newest Miva Merchant upgrade you have more capabilities than ever before!
Miva Merchant has received a significant makeover for the latest release of Miva Merchant 9. Version 9 has brought along many new features and built-in functionality which allows our users to seamlessly manage their online stores. As a team we work hard to provide our clients with the tools they need for continued growth and success in the online marketplace. Now with newest Miva Merchant 9.0003 upgrade our users have more capabilities than ever before.

New updates include: 

  • Gift Certificates
  • Account Credit
  • New Sorting Controls
  • New Batch List Search (Find In List / Simple Search)
  • PO Box Restrictions
  • Multi-Add To Cart
  • Developer Seat & Reserved Seat
  • Marketplaces - Amazon 
  • Plus 40 New Features and 80 Bugs Fixed!


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Release Notes


Template changes for v9.0003 Click Here

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Miva Synchro 1.72 Has Been Released
Posted by Wayne Smith on 01 April 2015 10:12 AM
Existing Synchro Owners can download it here:

Relase notes
Version 1.72
Bug # Description

- 5604 Cancelled orders synch to QB as valid orders.
- 5895 Object "" specified in the request cannot be found. When synchronizing customers with Preferred Payment methods in QuickBooks Pro 2008.
- 6140 Synchro does not log out its user after it's completed synching.
- 6490 Processing payment for an order wipes out all payment data.
- 6757 Synchro doesn't Map Miva Merchant SKU field for products.
- 10090 Invalid SSL certificates are permitted for registration and contacting Miva Merchant sites.
- 13835 Version in configuration not updated [or pointlessly being updated] in Synchronize_Upgrade.
- 14375 Customer properties: Sync Direction should not be active if neither "Synchronize Customers Create in..." checkboxes are selected.
- 15103 Title of module is misleading.
- 15588 Synchro causes an assertion abort with product names that contain diacritics.
- 16097 Running add new store wizard with a new user crashes synchro.
- 16425 Invoice synchronization has missing required tags for qbxml 3.0 API, generates empty tags.
- 16522 Configuration "version" setting is either unused, or undocumented.
- 16598 Synchro_Action SLST is obsolete and wrong.
- 17847 No available session seats needs to be trapped and reported.
- 17878 Default license manager URL is incorrect.

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