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Miva Merchant Marketplaces v1.0004 Now Available
Posted by Wayne Smith on 30 March 2015 07:44 AM

Marketplaces is a Miva module that allows you to take existing products in your Miva Merchant store and list them on to multiple channels, such as eBay and Amazon.


Module can be purchased (FREE) at


Marketplaces v1.0004 Release Notes

Added Features/Changes

  • Miva Marketplaces module is eBay Certified
  • eBay Item Settings packaging weight now supports decimal values and values under 1 lb.
  • eBay can send variation pictures based on image types
  • eBay now provides the number of orders returned when using Get Orders
  • Marketplaces now available under eBay and Amazon under Utilities in the left navigation pane
  • Can now send shipping information to eBay manually from the Listings page
  • International handling costs can now be set for calculated international eBay shipping policies
  • Orders coming into Miva from other marketplaces create a payment method for the marketplaces (previously, no payment methods shown)
  • Images section on the eBay product Item Settings tab now show picture size to help differentiate between images

Support for Amazon Marketplace

  • Link Amazon Seller accounts
  • Link your Amazon products based on your account
  • View inventory and price of an item
  • Get orders from Amazon
  • Create shipments
  • Update inventory of a listing
  • Update price of a listing
  • Share inventory with Amazon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Updating eBay item settings where item specifics were matching item setting values causing duplicate error
  • Fixed: ItemSettings Update provisioning does not require the detail tag
  • Fixed: Saving the shipping policies now shows the correct values saved
  • Fixed: Look Up not working when editing a product and marketplaces is installed
  • Fixed: JSON Decoding now works properly with non UTF-8 stores

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Miva Merchant 9 has arrived!
Posted by Wayne Smith on 12 November 2014 04:28 PM

Miva Merchant 9 has arrived!  See New Features


Click here for Release Notes






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